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Philippa Van Loon

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God Save Philippa!

Philippa’s father, a renowned archeologist, once said that if he could change one sentence in the history books, his life’s purpose would be fulfilled. The ambition and modesty in this wish also apply to his (only) daughter Philippa van Loon. An artist in her gut and soul.

I met Philippa in 1996, then a young woman, who had not long ago completed her BA in sculpture at Chelsea School of Art in London. It was a time in which a group of flamboyant conceptual artists, later known as the Young British Artists, shook the foundations of the established art world. In those days no one knew what the future would have in store. The mentality and thought process of the YBA’s fit perfectly with the Punk movement of the eighties in which the young generation definitively broke, out of social dissatisfaction, from the traditional ‘class conscious’ and economically weakened England. Philippa felt completely at home in this environment. Whether it was assisting a friend who was helping paint one of Damien Hirst’s early spot paintings, or how she used to hang out with artist friends, Gavin Turk, Martin Creed, and Jeremy Deller, exchanging works but mostly just having fun.

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Philippa van Loon was born in 1964 in Chicago, USA, she moved to Amsterdam with her parents in the early seventies where she grew up in Museum Van Loon.

She went to Chelsea School of Art in London in the eightees, she then lived and worked there as an artist untill 2000.

She then married a Frenchman and moved to the South of France where they had 3 children.

She has recently returned to Amsterdam with her family where she now lives and works.


+31 653 488 816